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5/30/10 John Muir National Historic Site Part 2

John Muir 的馬車。當時從Martinez到舊金山要一小時多。
Muir's horse carriage.  It took an average of 1 hour to get to San Francisco

2010 趁Memorial Day 長週末,抽了一天的空跟朋友再度去Martinez瞻仰John Muir的故居。這次來得知,在他家旁邊的果樹大部份都不是原本的樹,而是National Park Service接管之後試圖回復原貌的大工程。唯一一顆是十九世紀就種到現在的是那最大的無花果樹。

I would return during 2010's Memorial Day weekend to visit the John Muir NHS.  Previously unknown to me, the fruit trees currently in the area around the house are not the original trees but recreations of what would have been John Muir's orchard in his days.  The only original tree is the large fig tree near the creek.

 葡萄樹。Grape tree

杏桃  Apricots

無花果  Figs

榅桲(ㄨㄣ  ㄅㄛˊ),是一種跟蘋果有點像的果實,但其果肉容易酸酸苦苦,因此大部份的用途是被拿來做果醬。

 枇杷樹   Loquats 

Ranger 說看到成熟的果熟都可以採來吃,因此我們也不客氣地摘了幾顆枇杷來吃。Martinez這兒夏天可是又熱又乾,有枇杷止渴,相當過癮。

Munching on a loquat picked from the tree. 


Martinez Beavers

Martinez是在加州東灣Richmond和Concord兩大城中間的一座小城,僅有150多年的歷史,也是Contra Costa County郡行政中心。除了一些住家之外,它的historic downtown有許多保存完好的建築。Martinez這邊比較名的,說來說去,可能就是John Muir吧。許多downtown的街道和地方,都因紀念Muir一家人而用他們的名字來命名。



Martinez is as little town between the two large towns of Richmond, CA and Concord, CA in the Easty Bay.  A little more over 150 years old, its historic downtown preserves most of the original buildings built back then.  Martinez also serves as the Contra Costa county seat.  The historic downtown is similar to many of the little towns in the United States, but the biggest attraction and thing to do around here, I suspect, is probably still John Muir.

However, in 2007, two beavers found their way down to creek and called Martinez home.  Building a dam, the town officials quickly became concerned at a flood hazard, which previously did in 2005.  Initially try to trap the beavers and get rid of them, the townspeople rallied and voted against the move, creating state, if not national headlines.  Later, the Martinez officials relented and installed flow devices to keep the water level constant between the ponds.  The beavers have since changed the ecology of the area, where many species have returned to the creek, including river otters, rainbow trout, and many others.

painted tiles supporting the Martinez beavers


水獺  river otter

beaver feeding on apple


Beaver是夜行性動物,所以非得要到傍晚才有辦法瞧見它。雖然Memorial Day Weekend大部份的店都是關門的,不過最後仍找到一家當地評價很好的墨西哥餐廳用餐。吃完出來,正好幸運地看到beaver媽媽正在覓食。這些beaver習慣當全鎮的焦點,對人一點也不懼怕,儘管我離它不到一公尺。

Beavers are nocturnal animals.  While most of the shops were closed on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, much to our dismay, we were still able to find a very good Mexican restaurant open on that day.  After finishing dinner, we were lucky enough to see one of the beavers coming out to feed.  You can never get enough of these cute critters~~~

  La Primavera Mexican restaurant

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