Saturday, September 25, 2010

Movie: Daybreakers

Daybreakers is a science fiction horror film, that of the vampire genre.  There are no werewolves this time, only vampires and humans.  The movie is set in a future where vampires are the majority population in the world, while the few remaining humans are under hideout.  Humans captured by vampires are put in labs, where their blood is taken up as the food source for the vampires, much like in The Matrix.

However, an increasing vampire population and dwindling blood supplies also reveal that the vampires deprived of blood for extended periods of time will mutate into savage and aggressive bat-like creatures.  Ethan Hawke stars as Edward, a vampire hematologist who refuses to drink human blood and tries everything to come up with developing a blood substitute.  At the same time, the vampires attempt to increase their soldier task force in order to hunt down more humans.

The movie takes a big turn when he befriends some surviving humans, where one of them was even once a vampire!  This signifies that a cure is possible, but not all vampires want to give up immortality...

The movie has just enough action and gore (but not excessive) to have a "bloody good time."  Ultimately though, the film falls short of memorable quotes, characters, and scenes.  It fares better than the average Hollywood movie and if you know what you expect, the film will not disappoint.

「血世紀」是部講吸血鬼的恐怖科幻片。劇情在講未來世界裡,因為一場疫情的蔓延,使得統治地球的多數是吸血鬼,而人類則是佔少數。被吸血鬼抓到的人類,不會馬上被吃掉,而是會被拿到實驗室裡,血不斷被抽取,提供給吸血鬼喝。那場景跟The Matrix裡人被機器當作能量來源有點大同小異。



Daybreakers 的故事還算緊湊,也有一定的動作場面。可是,最終劇情變不出新花樣,看過類似電影題材的人,可能會覺得沒有創意。而裡面不管是哪一位人物,都無法給人留下特別深刻的印象,無法同情也無法厭恨。因此,如果不要度地期待,那Daybreakers還算是部有娛樂效果的片。

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