Thursday, December 22, 2011

Blog Anniversary

Have been extremely busy theses days, and I apologize for the lack of new entries.  Believe me, there is much that I have wanted to share.   As those of you who regularly follow my blog know that I have pretty much gone Baroque music this past year.  If I had more time, I'd cover the other topics, but we all got to prioritize....

For the 2nd anniversary of my blog, I'd like to share with you all two pieces.  The first is a solo harpsichord piece by Gaspard Le Roux.  Among his collection of suites, he wrote a Sarabande with 12 couplets, which is close to four times the length of most of his other pieces.  It took me a while to learn the whole piece, but merely a month or two to significantly forget how to play it.  In fear of completely losing the ability to play it, I took up the challenge of re-learning the bits and pieces that have eluded me.  I took some liberty in doing quite a bit of editing work, including many different angles, since my camera didn't have enough memory to do it in one take anyways.  Please excuse the choppy editing and unevenness in the sound levels.        

The second chamber recording is a gorgeous Chaconne from Leclair's Deuxieme Recreation de Musique that my chamber partners and I played this past quarter.   I've previously reviewed a recording of Leclair's first recreation here.  It also had a nice chaconne, but I found this one to be much more hauntingly beautiful, with the different mood changes, not to mention his bold harmonies.  We weren't able to record our actual recital performance, so this video was shot a few weeks after, when we were really suffering from our usual end-of-quarter fatigue during our lesson.  Neither of us were in top form, so excuse any imperfections (a fair amount, to be honest).  Bottom line is, it's great music that deserves to be heard :)

紀念部落格成立兩週年!近來有點忙,沒有時間上來更新任何文章。有定期上來的朋友們,先說聲抱歉,之後會好好再補上~~  在這兒獻上兩首小弟自己的錄音。

第一首是法國作曲家Gaspard Le Roux的一首主題與變奏,是他唯一出版的曲集裡,最長的一首。曲子分十二段,總長是曲集大部份曲子的三四倍之多。其實這首是一年多前練的,當時花了不少時間練起來,但一二個月沒有碰之後,發現一下子幾乎忘掉一半。為了擔心之後會整個忘光光,所以找了機會將此曲錄下來。過程中,坦然接受許多地方要重練的事實,像是內力被廢掉要重練。因為相機記憶體不夠大,所以必須做出不少的剪接動作,換了不同的角度。再者,要一氣呵成,完全不出錯,也真是有夠難的!粗糙的剪接,以及不同拍攝角度造成音量的不同,還請見諒了。

和室內樂同學表演的一首Leclair的Deuxieme Recreation de Musique的夏康舞曲。之前有在這兒介紹過他第一首recreation(休閒曲)的錄音,組曲裡同樣也有一首動聽的chaconne。不過,第二首recreation的這一首chaconne情境多變豐富,美麗猶勝於第一首,讓我更加喜愛。原本期末表演時沒錄下來,這是幾週後上課時候老師幫我們錄的。這時,學期將要結束,大家忙到疲憊不已,處於極差的狀態。多次出錯,只好再請大家多多包容了。



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