Sunday, May 19, 2013

Taiwan Wedding Anniversary


為了怕選的音樂來賓們都沒聽過,最後決定妥協一下,前半段放了俗過頭的Pachelbel卡農,不過是輕快的古樂詮釋法。下半段,則是選了義大利到英國發展的作曲家Matteis的Ciaconna,是年輕一輩的法國巴洛克小提琴家Amandine Beyer拉的,急勁的詮釋勝過市面上其餘版本,是深得我青睞的絕佳選擇。

Time really flies.  It's been exactly a year since my wedding banquet in Taiwan.  I'm a bit too lazy to writ anything significant, so I'm just going to post the wedding slideshow here, one of the "mandatory" things that takes place in Taiwanese weddings these days.  Naturally, the music accompanying the pictures would be... early music.  

Running into fear that the audience may have not have heard any of the music, I threw in a bone and settled on Pachelbel's ubiquitous Canon in D for the first half.  Although, those familiar with the use of the piece in sappy Korean dramas or other romcoms will probably be uncomfortable with the speed.  The top the presentation is Amandine Beyer's recording of Matteis's Ciaconna.  The gusto she brings outclasses any other known performance of the piece out there, making it a clear favorite for the occasion.  

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