Tuesday, December 22, 2009

First Post

This will mark the day I start blogging. I just realize I've got a pretty wide spectrum of interests, which I actually take up seriously. For the past few years, they mainly comprise of Baroque music, movies, U.S. National Parks, table tennis, and tennis. Of these, the ones I think are worth blogging and sharing on cyberspace would be the first three.

I have played the harpsichord for about 4 years, but my interest in Baroque music has started long before that. I love watching movies, and I love traveling to U.S. National Parks Service units. As a blog, I not only wish to write and record what comes to mind but also share with the world people of the same interests, so here we go!

在下只是位在美國認真培養興趣的窮台灣學生。從國小開始聽古典音樂,心中一直對巴洛克音樂這一時期的音樂有個特別的愛好。自從四年前學大鍵琴以來,對於巴洛克音樂的熱情,更是達到前所未有的境界。跟同樣愛聽early music的一位台灣朋友聊到,並沒有很多中文網頁介紹巴洛克時期的音樂,因此在一時衝動之下,決定開始著手寫此blog。


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