Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Movie: Sin Nombre

This is a recent movie I saw that deals with two issues, one being illegal immigrants coming to the US from the Mexican border and the other about gangs in Mexico. Unlike "Crossing Over," which tries to do an ensemble cast and is in a typical Hollywood fashion, "Sin Nombre" is portrayed very realistically. I think Ebert sums up the mood best with "Yes, the issue of illegal immigration is a difficult one. When we encounter an undocumented alien, we should not be too quick with our easy assumptions. That person may have put his life on the line for weeks or months to come here, searching for what we so easily describe as the American dream."



此片的描繪非常真實,比"Crossing Over"一片少了很多好萊烏式劇情,也著重於南美與墨西哥那一邊的角度,讓觀眾看到偷渡客的故事。當最後一幕結束時,不知道大多數的人是否和我一樣,在心裡深深地好好嘆一口氣呢~~

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