Friday, August 5, 2011

Recording: de La Guerre Chaconne

這首Chaconne(應該是Chaconne Rondeau)是由十七世紀有名的法國女作曲家Elisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre所寫。她不僅是個音樂神童,自幼就被路易十四賞識,要求她在宮中長大並接受音樂教育。不過她後來經歷喪夫和喪子之痛,曾退隱一段時間。當她走出來之後,又決定再度作曲和在公眾表演。這首曲子是她復出之後,於1707年出版的D小調組曲中的最後一首。這是法國味十足的音樂,是一種養成的喜好,是聽了錄音越聽越愛,才決定練的。曲子沒有特別標示要彈哪一排,不過為了讓曲子的音色有所不同,所以做了許多較有創意的點子。

This is a piece by female French Baroque composer Elisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre.  She was one of the few famous female musicians of her time, and a successful one at that.  She was a child prodigy, and practically grew up in the courts, after Louis XIV heard her play and requested that she receive her education in the courts.  She later married an organist and had a son.  However, tragedy struck and she lost practically her whole family within a matter of years: her husband, her son, her mother, and her brother.   After she got over it (or learned to cope with it), she started performing and composing again.  This chaconne (chaconne rondeau to be precise) belongs to a D minor suite she published in 1707, after her return to the public.   I fell in love with this piece after repeatedly listening to my recording of it.  The score doesn't ask for playing specific registers, but I play around to create different effects.  To bad my camera doesn't do a good job in capturing it.  The frequency response of these camera mics are pretty crappy.

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