Wednesday, March 22, 2006

3/22/06 Redwood National And State Parks

這是開始收集美國國家公園所收集到的第一個章,是在真正的北加的Redwood State and National Park。這是2006的春假時與另外三位Stanford的同學一同熱血地租車往北開。有趣的是,那一年冬天加州灣區的降雨量破紀錄,有一個月甚至比 Seattle還要多。當初往北開,大家都以為我們瘋了,但後來證實,灣區以外的地方幾乎都是陽光普照。這一天在Crescent City一帶也不例外。很可惜要趕行程,因此在這一區只有停留一天,不然好好在森林裡多走幾個trail,一定會更痛快。

也因為時間有限,誤中了park ranger的計,走了一個其爛無比的Trillian Falls Trail,走到了瀑布,發現只有兩三個人的高度。不過,後來在Elk Meadow外,純純有用長鏡頭照到前來覓食的elk,也算是沒有白來。

Obviously I've been to other National Parks when I was younger with family and other friends a few years earlier, but this is the national park that I first started to collect the passport stamp cancellations. This happened during the spring break of 2006, where I went on a road trip with 3 other Stanford friends: Johnson, Angela, and Chun-Chun. We didn't get to spend a lot of time in this area, but for the time spent, it was memorable in its own way. The state parks and national park are governed together as one big unit, which made navigating in the area a little tricky for the then first-timers as we were. Also, being in the park was not about finding a breath-taking scene but more about submersing and finding yourself as one with the surrounding redwoods. After all, when you're in the forest, they all appear similar, don't they?

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Redwood National and State Parks

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