Saturday, March 25, 2006

3/25/06 Mount Rainier National Park.

開往Seattle途中,Mount Rainier國家公園是我們規劃要停的景點。Mount Rainier是美國第五個成立的國家公園,也是在Yellowstone, Sequoia,以及Yosemite之後,第四老的國家公園。第二個被成立的國家公園Mackinac National Park,後來降級成為State Park。

雖然是春天,這公園大部份的地方仍是被大雪覆蓋著。也因為這樣,唯一開的visitor center是海拔最低的Longmire Museum。我們繼續開,到一個公園的ranger清出來的大停車場那兒就停好車了。接下來的路,公園的ranger都沒有清出來。


Shortly after Fort Vancouver NHS, we made our drive to Mount Rainier National Park, a stop en route to Seattle. Before entering from the southwestern Nisqually entrance, we planned to stop by a supply store in Ashford to purchase a snow chain. Luckily, when we got there, the guys at the store told us that the weather seemed to be warmer, and there was no real driving threat that required a snow chain.

As you can see, Mount Rainier was covered in snow. In fact, we could only make it just a little past the Longmire Museum, as everything further was closed down. Halfway during our stay, it started snowing again. This is the first time I got to see falling snow since the Lake Tahoe trip a few years back. Leaving the Midwest and studying in California, snow is indeed a rarity for those who don't really ski.

While other visitors were prepared to play in the snow, we were not. Our stay in Mount Rainier was cut short by the limited things we could do and see. However, I would return to Mount Rainier in the summer of 2008 and experience the true beauty of this national park.

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