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4/30/06 Point Reyes National Seashore

(Point Reyes Lighthouse)



Point Reyes National Seashore 離 Stanford 只要兩個多小時的車程,因此在這風和日麗的一天,我們一車四人計畫先到北邊的小鎮沙沙里多(Sausalito)享用中餐,再到Point Reyes賞景。在到Point Reyes半島南端前,我們先在較內陸一區的Bear Valley Visitor Center,也是主要的遊客中心先停留一陣。

Point Reyes 半島,是位於加州有名的San Andreas Fault地震斷層的另一側。也就是說,Point Reyes是在太平洋板塊上,而不是北美洲板塊上。1906年的舊金山大地震,在這兒還留下許多痕跡呢。Bear Valley Visitor Center那一區有許多hiking trail,熱血的登山者,還可從一路走到海岸邊。我們,則選擇踩油門的方式繼續前進。

當 初Point Reyes National Seashore成立,之所以是National Seashore而不是National Park,一方面保護半島上的大自然環境可免於開發之外,它也保護著已經有幾十年歷史之久的許多牧場和牡蠣養殖場。這些人為以及商業行為的存在,讓 Point Reyes無法順利戴上National Park的頭銜。

沿著Francis Drake Boulevard開到底,會到Point Reyes National Seashore遊客們最喜歡去的景點,也就是南端的燈塔了。由於Point Reyes這一帶容易起霧,而且平均風速是美國西海岸邊最高的,所以船隻在這附近行駛的時候,危機重重。以往在霧茫茫的夜晚中,這個燈塔可能會是船員唯一 看得到的東西,也會是讓他們順利開進舊金山灣所仰賴的救星。要走到燈塔,遊客得停好車,走上個半英哩的路,才會到階梯步道的起點。接下來,得再往下走三百 多個階梯才會到真正的燈塔。這一天我們剛好有趕上,變成是最後一批參觀燈塔的遊客。今天Point Reyes燈塔已經自動化了,不再需要管理人24小時在旁邊守候。只能說,以前這種工作實在是吃力不討好呀~~~

接 下來,為了不白白浪費好不容易到了海邊的機會,便在回程途中,轉進靠海洋一側的Point Reyes Beach那兒的一個海灘。雖然已是春天,但美國西岸的海水之冰冷,還是不敢領教太久。不過,能在上路前,好好光著腳在沙灘上走走,眼睛望著海的遠處,心 中暫時忘掉手邊一切事物,何嘗不也是一件簡單但是快樂的事?

(South Beach 那兒的海岸線)


Point Reyes National Seashore was a pleasant stop after our lunch at Saulsalito. Lucky to have perfect weather, the drive on CA-1 proved to be absolutely gorgeous. Established in 1962, its intent was to preserve the Point Reyes Peninsula from plans of residential development proposed at the time. Covered with beautiful grasslands with beautiful beaches on the ocean and bay side, Point Reyes National Seashore also looks to continue oyster farming and historic ranching in the area. In fact, on our way to driving to the tip and lighthouse, we passed by a few ranches with their cattle free to roam around. Make sure to slow down in the vicinity of these ranches!

Officially the 2nd foggiest and also the windiest place of the Pacific coast, a 300-step hike down to the lighthouse can prove to be a struggle. Not only is visibility so low that you can't see the lighthouse from the top of the stairs on a bad day, the National Park Service closes the lighthouse to visitors when it gets too windy.

Easily the most visited destination in Point Reyes National Seashore, the lighthouse was established in 1870 to help ships navigating in these aforementioned treacherous conditions. Lucky to be the last visitors admitted to the lighthouse, we made our quick descent and short tour of the lighthouse before hurried out by the ranger. On the peninsula, views of the South Beach strip are spectacular, with the waves crashing on the shore. Eager to get our feet wet, we then drove down to the beaches on the ocean side, enjoying strolling on the sand. It never gets too old to play on the beach, does it?

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itchiang(thor) said...

我是很認真在照公園的entrance sign, 你是很認真在蒐集公園的stamp......

Deadlockcp said...

公園的entrance sign,我每個公園也都有照一個,不過跟Thor兄的照相專業和講究比起來是差個十萬八千里。

就跟有些人收集stamp的心態一樣,一個公園有蓋到一個就好了,我也是有照到一個就滿足了。我記得Thor兄有談過每個sign的哪幾個角度和距離是optimal的,真的是打從心底佩服 ~~

itchiang(thor) said...

哈, 所以我應該寫篇我照entrance sign的心得~~~~~~

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