Thursday, June 23, 2011

Recording: Bach Trio Sonata BWV 1039 Mov 1 and 2


長期以來,都沒錄影存證,想想也蠻可惜的。不過這次前室友來聽我表演,很熱心地幫我紀錄了下來。這學期,我和平常吹長笛的同伴,找來另一位吹長笛的同學,組成了三重奏,挑戰巴哈BWV 1039的這首。耳朵尖的朋友會發現,這首和BWV 1027那首古中提琴奏鳴曲是同一首。沒錯,古中提琴的版本是兩支長笛版改編的。


This is a recording a few weeks ago of the end-of-quarter performance students of my harpsichord instructor were required to give.  We worked on the first two movements of the Bach BWV 1039 trio sonata, which is probably more famous as the later arrangement of the viola da gamba sonata BWV 1027.  

First off, if you are a nut for period performances, then forgive the A440 tuning and the modern flutes.  Second, Bach wrote some darn tricky bass continuo lines.  If you hear anything weird from the harpsichord, it's most likely me screwing up.  (But Bach had some interesting harmonies too, so don't be too quick to count it as my wrongdoing :) )

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John Hendron said...

Too bad the flutes are so loud in the recording to cover up some of the great harpsichord playing! Chuckles aside - great you can also perform some great music. The lessons are paying off.

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