Monday, June 13, 2011

Recording: Lebègue Les Cloches

又來獻醜了。這是前一陣子在琴房錄的法國小品,是由巴洛克早期的作曲家Nicolas Lebègue (c1631 – 1702)所寫的Les Cloches(鐘)。音樂圍繞著四個音打轉,給人規律的教堂鐘聲的感覺。原本這首是寫給風琴的,但Davitt Moroney在某張專輯收錄這首,是用大鍵琴彈奏的,讓我非常喜歡。於是,我也很不要臉的自己嘗試錄這一首。整體而言,還算可以啦,只是因為NG太多次,錄到後來也心急了~~

This is a miniature piece I recorded a while ago, composed by French composer Nicolas Lebègue (c1631 – 1702).  This piece was intended for the organ, but after hearing Davitt Moroney playing this, I was inspired to do the same.  The piece is called Les Cloches, meaning bells.  The music is built on top of a repeating descending tetrachord, which should resemble the regularity of a church bell.

Of course, don't measure me up to Moroney's standard.  Feeling the pressure after screwing up so many times, I feel like I was trying to rush just to finish the piece at many places.  Oh well.. 

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