Monday, March 12, 2012

Concert: Archetti Baroque String Ensemble (03/02/2012)

First Lutheran Church, Palo Alto

Locatelli: Introduttione teatrale Op.4 No.5 in D major
Handel: Concerto Grosso Op.6 No. 11 in A major
Vivaldi: Cello Concerto in D minor, RV 405
Bach: Harpsichord Concerto in A Major, BWV 1055
Hellendaal: Concerto Grosso Op.3 No.2  in D minor
Vivaldi: Concerto for 4 violins, Op.3 No.4 in E minor

一堆音樂會堆著不記載,之後要寫起來可是有點痛苦~~ Archetti的音樂會,前年已聽過一次,當初的印象是相當不錯的。這次的音樂會,大鍵琴老師Elaine拿到幾張免費的票,所以我呼朋引伴,找了幾位朋友一塊兒來聽。音樂會開始前,赫然發現Elaine也有來。印象中,這好像是我第一次和她一塊兒聽音樂會說。

拜Elaine所賜,我們坐在離樂團不到十公尺的「貴賓座」。因為坐那麼近,固然比較清晰,但相對的失去一些聲音上的飽合感。不過,這也有可能是場地本身。上次他們在All Saints' Episcopal Church表演,感覺整體的聲音更飽滿。



兩首獨奏協奏曲,一首為Vivaldi的大提琴協奏曲,一為巴哈的大鍵琴協奏曲。大提琴家Tanya Tomkins拉得激動異常,是熱血十足的表演。但,不知是否因為勁道太大,還是我仍不習慣巴洛克大提琴的聲音,她拉出來的音色我不是那麼欣賞。這像是我肯定Andrew Manze音樂上的表現方式,但卻對他小提琴的音色不是那麼讚賞是一樣的。這首Vivaldi協奏曲算是我小時候聽韋瓦第音樂眾多懷念的記憶之一,因此多年後在古樂的面貌下聽到這一首,個人意義有所不同。




Have heard the Archetti play before, so I had a pretty good idea of what I was going into.  Instead of playing at the All Saints' Episcopal Church like last time, this was a San Francisco Early Music Society sponsored event, which normally means it takes place at the First Lutheran Church.  Thanks to Elaine, who was given complimentary tickets, I got to attend the concert free of charge.

The cast of Archetti  basically focuses on the concerto grosso genre, with a solo concerto thrown in from time to time.  As a concerto grosso nut, none of these pieces are new to me.  The Handel and Vivaldi op.3 concerto are considered well-known, while the Locatelli and Hellendaal are more obscure by comparison.  It was nice to see the Hellendaal concert being played, as I have previously enjoyed my recording of those concertos.  In fact the Hellendaal became the piece I liked the most out of the concert, not necessarily because it's the best written work, but mainly because of hearing a lesser-known work played well really adds to the freshness.  For the Locatelli, I think they started out not being quite together.  By the time they got to the Handel, the "break-in" was complete, so to speak. 

Of the two solo concertos, the Vivaldi cello concerto brought up childhood memories of listening to Vivaldi, albeit on modern instruments and modern performance practices.  All the same, I feel like I keep getting chances to be acquainted with Vivaldi's music at these concerts.  Tanya Tomkins is a great Baroque cellist, playing with full-blooded vigor.  Not sure if it was me being unfamiliar with the Baroque cello itself or her aggressive bowing, I found the tone to be a bit harsh.  It's like acknowledging Andrew Manze's outstanding musicianship, but not being too hot on his instrument's tone.    

Bach's harpsichord concerto was played by Davitt Moroney on the keyboard.  Davitt's known to be a great early music scholar, but I found his playing to be too much on the polite side of things.  There's no question about his solid technique, but I found his musical ideas to be a tad flat.  I think studying with Elaine ultimately "spoils" you, in that you strive for really pushing the music and settle for nothing less.

In the end, a positive early music concert experience.  Would not hesitate if they held another one in the area.


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