Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Musical: Wicked

Yes, despite my great love for classical music (and strong devotion to the Baroque period), I do attend musicals too.  I attended Wicked at the San Francisco Orpheum theater,  just after the Fourth of July weekend.  They had a series of promotions, which I was able to get discount tickets of 40% off.   There were five of us who went together, and it was very enjoyable.  Alot of the humor was easy enough to get, even without knowing about the Wizard of Oz.  Naturally, I knew the original story a bit better, being familiar with the 1939 movie starring a young Judy Garland, and I picked up more of the jokes.  Although, I can't say that the music was very memorable.  Both actresses playing Elphaba and Galinda were simply superb.  To me, it was their performances that made it worth seeing.  Recommended. 


Sherman said...

Wow, I want to watch Wicked, too!! How to get the promotional ticket?

Deadlockcp said...

https://www.goldstar.com/ has discount tickets. It is free to sign up. Not sure how long the promotion lasts. Are you going to see it when you visit the Bay Area next time?

GGs Adventure said...

I've not seen this one. My personal favoriate musical is Les Miserable.

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