Thursday, November 25, 2010

Movie: Little Ashes

Little Ashes is a film portraying young surrealist artist Salvador Dali's intimate relationship with poet Federico García Lorca in the 1920s, amidst all the social unrest in Spain.  Dali arrived at the Madrid's Students' Residence, which attracted the greatest young talents of Spain of the time, and it was only time before Lorca and Dali would cross paths.  A close friendship develops into a romantic one, which Dali cannot quite handle.   

Fans of the Twilight Saga may or may not recognize Robert Patterson as the great painter.  In my opinion, better to watch this film where he actually acts instead of wasting time watching mindless junk. The film focuses on the relationship, so those who wish to see Dali's creative process will be disappointed.  However, as the movie states, Dali kept the truth of their relationship a secret even many years after Lorca's murder.  It was probably a part of his life that was emotionally complex and confusing, but serves as a captivating story.

「達利和他的情人」,主要是描寫超現實藝術家達利在他年輕時,和西班牙著名的同性戀詩人羅卡兩人之間的故事。1922年,西班牙政局動盪不安的年代,達利來到了馬德里的Students' Residence,是匯集了當時西班牙最優秀的年輕知識份子和藝術家的大學生住所。達利的打扮,留著長髮,穿著浮華的服飾,身型嬌小,看起來極女性化。達利行為一向怪異,但他的藝術天份,立刻就被同學發現了。他和文人羅卡,以及導演路易斯‧布紐爾,馬上成為要好的朋友。

羅卡和達利的親密關係,從好友進展成為戀人。 只是,達利對於羅卡波濤洶湧般的熱情,也招架不住。他對感情迷惘了,而選擇逃避,去巴黎。當他再回來西班牙時,羅卡發現他認識的達利已經變了,二人漸行漸遠。羅卡身心開始飽受煎熬~~~

飾演達利的為「暮光之城」的Robert Patterson。我實在不大瞭解現在的年輕人在瘋Twilight的時候,頭腦倒底是哪裡出問題了。不過,他願意接受本片角色上的挑戰,可是比只出一張臉蛋值得被肯定多了,起碼有演技可言。這部片不是專講達利,而是講兩人之間的故事。這一段往事,達利在過逝前才向他人透露,也成為此片的故事藍圖,既哀傷又淒美。

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